Traxsource Essential Afro House (07 Dec 2020)

CHART: Traxsource Essential Afro House (07 Dec 2020)
ARTIST(S): Afro Victimz, Pastor Snow, AIKON, Amine K, atsou, Lemonia, Anane, Antonio Ocasio & Morris Revy Onuegbue, Bina & Mkhulu Mahlathini, Boddhi Satva & J’Something, Carlo Riviera, Chopstar, Mazet & J.Drums, Christos Fourkis, D.J. Thor, Damond Ramsey, Mark Francis, Darksidevinyl & Balata, DiMO (BG), Mr.K, DJ Tomer, Ricardo, Dikla Hackmon, Eltonnick, Dj Vivona feat. Rahjwanti, Doneyck & Bamba Keita, D-ozes, Drunky Daniels, DUMBEKCHI, Filippos feat. Black Soda, Gabriel Rocha, GateMusique, Juany Bravo, KauraDj, Bongotrack, Afronautas, Koraal, LaErhnzo, TooZee, Da Cord, LI ON EL, La Four SA, M.amo, HyperSOUL-X, Mark Boson & 68 Beats, Michele Cartello, Miganova, Moniestien, Muzari, GuguPash, Muzungu, Obdurate, Ziphezinhle Celeshe, Pakhi Dogs, Q Narongwate, Saliva Commandos, Sasson (FR), Idd Aziz, TAAMY, FNX Omar, Satoshi Fumi, Sbik, Shona SA, Jay SoulO, Sinic Voice, Skyzo, Stefano Ranieri, STUDIO APARTMENT, Andy Huckvale, Deckert, Tick Tock & milkoeh, Zulu Bravo, DeLAsoundz

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  1. Afro Victimz, Pastor Snow – Lengoma (feat. Ayah Tlhanyane Original Mix) [OBS Media] (08:18)
  2. AIKON – Makonde (Original Mix) [3000 Grad Records] (06:45)
  3. Amine K, atsou, Lemonia – Felice [Madorasindahouse Records] (05:56)
  4. Anane – Lets Get High (Life, Love, Music [Manoo’s Club Version]) [Vega Records] (10:09)
  5. Antonio Ocasio & Morris Revy Onuegbue – OGO [Tribal Winds] (08:17)
  6. Bina & Mkhulu Mahlathini – Spirit Reign [ELECTRIC FRIENDS MUSIC] (09:33)
  7. Boddhi Satva & J’Something – Slow Down (Main Mix) [Offering Recordings] (04:00)
  8. Carlo Riviera – Regi [Freshly Cooked Music] (06:09)
  9. Chopstar, Mazet & J.Drums – Buye Khaya (Original Mix) [SP Recordings] (06:28)
  10. Christos Fourkis – Landing (Original Mix) [Retrolounge Records] (06:03)
  11. D.J. Thor – Afroflamenco (Original Mix) [SJS RECORDS] (04:40)
  12. Da Cord – This Is How We Dance (Original Mix) [Lukulu Recordings] (06:45)
  13. Damond Ramsey, Mark Francis – Ho Wena (Mark Francis Re-edit) [POJI Records] (05:17)
  14. Darksidevinyl & Balata – Kolo (Original Mix) (07:17)
  15. DiMO (BG), Mr.K – Haciendos (The Morning Mix) [World Up Records] (06:06)
  16. DJ Tomer, Ricardo, Dikla Hackmon, Eltonnick – Alike (Eltonnick Remix) [FOMP] (08:21)
  17. Dj Vivona feat. Rahjwanti – Scared To The Fall (Original Mix) [Sunclock] (07:00)
  18. Doneyck & Bamba Keita – Kamalanta [Asane Records] (08:00)
  19. D-ozes – Chibaye [Xclusive Records] (06:21)
  20. Drunky Daniels – Papaya [Union Records] (06:56)
  21. DUMBEKCHI – Kull Laylah (12_ Mix) [Soterios] (08:45)
  22. Filippos feat. Black Soda – Simera [Madorasindahouse Records] (06:34)
  23. Gabriel Rocha – Danza [DECHAPTER] (05:43)
  24. GateMusique – Aeons [Open Bar Music] (08:04)
  25. Juany Bravo – Reincarnation feat. Liza Adamenko [Music is 4 Lovers] (05:59)
  26. KauraDj, Bongotrack, Afronautas – Tropa Do BumBum (Afronautas Remix) [Xumba Recordings] (05:41)
  27. Koraal – Vuurduin [Nous’klaer Audio] (07:00)
  28. LaErhnzo, TooZee, Da Cord – Dark World (Original Mix) [Seres Producoes] (05:37)
  29. LI ON EL, La Four SA – Voices (La Four SA Ten30 Atlantic Touch) [Deep House Cats SA] (06:56)
  30. M.amo, HyperSOUL-X – Space (HyperSOUL-X’s HT Mix) [Hyper Production (SA)] (05:45)
  31. Mark Boson & 68 Beats – Vox Populi (Extended Mix) [Sixty8beats] (07:27)
  32. Michele Cartello – Liquid Summer O Luv (Oscar P & Ivan Afro5 Re-Touch) [Open Bar Music] (06:08)
  33. Miganova – Christiana [Switchlab] (07:18)
  34. Moniestien – JungleStien Groove [Afro Rebel Music] (08:43)
  35. Muzari, GuguPash – Iphutha Lami (Original Mix) [Uncover Music] (06:02)
  36. Muzungu – Don’t Make Me Wait [POJI Records] (06:41)
  37. Obdurate, Ziphezinhle Celeshe – Imvelaphi (Original Mix) [Merecumbe Recordings] (08:50)
  38. Pakhi Dogs – Mohican [SP Recordings] (06:29)
  39. Q Narongwate – Profunda (Main Mix) [Sunclock] (06:08)
  40. Saliva Commandos – Hello Detroit! (Extended Mix) [House ‘n Chips] (06:07)
  41. Sasson (FR), Idd Aziz, TAAMY, FNX Omar – Zani feat. Idd Aziz (FNX Omar Remix) [Wired] (06:25)
  42. Satoshi Fumi – Celestial (K.E.E.N.E. Venao 7am Mix) [Unknown Season] (07:22)
  43. Sbik – Louco Por Voce (Original MIx) [House Tribe Records] (06:07)
  44. Shona SA, Jay SoulO – The Only Way (ft. Jay SoulO Original Mix) [Arawakan] (07:30)
  45. Sinic Voice – Candombe (Original Mix) [Candombe Records] (07:02)
  46. Skyzo – Brick By Brick (Original Mix) [Sky29] (06:24)
  47. Stefano Ranieri – African Poet (Original Mix) [Nulu] (08:59)
  48. STUDIO APARTMENT, Andy Huckvale, Deckert – Slow Motion (Original Mix) [N.E.O.N] (07:27)
  49. Tick Tock & milkoeh – Kakaramba (feat. Butiza [Dee Cee Remix]) [MoBlack Records] (06:23)
  50. Zulu Bravo, DeLAsoundz – African Tribe (Original Mix) [Pasqua Records S.A] (07:48)

Total Playtime: 05:45:45 min


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