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Download DJ Charts: Music Legends_ Nick Warren

CHART: Music Legends_ Nick Warren
ARTIST(S): Alex O’Rion, Analog Jungs, Arrab, Black 8, Artbat, Artfaq, AudioStorm, Bryan Ferry, Dale Middleton, Damabiah, Darin Epsilon, Darren Flecta, Berni Turletti, DJ Koze, Egbert, Emi Galvan, Galestian, Mira J, GMJ, Dimuth K, Gux Jimenez, Gabriel Amato, Hasith, Henry Saiz & Band, Henry Saiz, HOSH, Ian O’Donovan, Kamilo Sanclemente, Kennedy One, Shelley Harland, Layo and bushwacka!, Maxi Degrassi, Memory, Ezequiel Arias, Mindshield, MiraculuM, Morttagua, MUUI, Nacho Varela, Cruz Vittor, NAUEL, Nick Warren, Nikko.Z, Eleni Dorothy Nazou, Oliver Harper, Paul Deep (AR), Paul Thomas, Pole Folder, Cedric Pirét, Sabb, Sébastien Léger, Seymark, Simplicity, Subsky, The Fiery Furnaces, Themba, Tripswitch, Verche, We Need Cracks

  1. Morttagua – Pallas (Nick Warren & Nicolas Rada Remix) (07:42)
  2. Bryan Ferry – Don’t Stop The Dance (Todd Terje Remix) (10:25)
  3. Nikko.Z, Eleni Dorothy Nazou – Slope (Paul Deep AR Remix) (08:13)
  4. Kennedy One, Shelley Harland – Calling You (Nick Warren & Nicolas Rada Extended Remix) (08:36)
  5. Simplicity – Singing or Speaking (Doomwork Chordose Remix) (07:39)
  6. Nacho Varela, Cruz Vittor, NAUEL – Underworld (Volen Setir Remix) (08:00)
  7. Maxi Degrassi – Bells In The City (Armen Miran Remix) (06:26)
  8. AudioStorm – Pride & Honour (08:24)
  9. GMJ, Dimuth K – Ancient Future (09:11)
  10. Analog Jungs – Smiles (08:40)
  11. Sabb – Motherlove (Armonica Remix) (08:17)
  12. Verche – Corals (Original Mix) (09:03)
  13. Kamilo Sanclemente – Secret Garden (Original Mix) (07:41)
  14. Arrab, Black 8 – Sandwaves (Original Mix) (11:00)
  15. Seymark – Nova (Dimuth K Remix) (07:48)
  16. Dimuth K, Berni Turletti – Kilimanjaro (07:40)
  17. Galestian, Mira J – Tell Me (Ezequiel Arias Space Mix) (08:45)
  18. Darin Epsilon – Shine The Light (Ryan Davis Reconstruct) (06:06)
  19. Henry Saiz & Band, Henry Saiz – Me Llama Una Voz (Hernan Cattaneo & Audio Junkies Remix) (08:01)
  20. Darren Flecta – In Moments (Luis Bondio Mix) (10:24)
  21. Oliver Harper – Landrake (Original Mix) (07:56)
  22. Hasith – Silk Road (Reformed) (08:56)
  23. The Fiery Furnaces – Evergreen (03:31)
  24. Artbat – Papillon (Original Mix) (07:06)
  25. Themba – Better Days (Original Mix) (05:42)
  26. Gux Jimenez, Gabriel Amato – Silver Stars (08:32)
  27. Memory, Ezequiel Arias – Shen (Original Mix) (08:27)
  28. Damabiah – Irminsul, le pillier du monde (Original Mix) (08:12)
  29. HOSH – Woohoo (07:36)
  30. Layo and bushwacka! – Let the Good Times Roll (03:34)
  31. Artfaq – Lost Cosmonaut (Original Mix) (08:12)
  32. Subsky – Strawberry Fields (Namatjira Remix) (08:51)
  33. Kamilo Sanclemente – Urania (Alex O’Rion Remix) (08:40)
  34. Mindshield – Feel the Spark (Loquai Remix) (06:48)
  35. Egbert – Hemelpoort (Original Mix) (08:30)
  36. MUUI – Only When It Rains (07:23)
  37. MiraculuM – Multiversum (07:58)
  38. Emi Galvan – Crabo (08:25)
  39. Ian O’Donovan – Landfall (03:08)
  40. Dale Middleton – Ronized (08:45)
  41. We Need Cracks – Joran (06:10)
  42. Paul Thomas – Allegro (Olivier Giacomotto Extended Remix) (07:37)
  43. Alex O’Rion – With You (Original Mix) (07:54)
  44. Sébastien Léger – Lanarka (09:28)
  45. Nick Warren – Buenos Aires (07:38)
  46. Paul Deep (AR) – Anemona (Deep Mix) (07:10)
  47. Pole Folder, Cedric Pirét – Pacific Orchestra (06:51)
  48. DJ Koze – Nices Wölkchen (feat. Apparat) (05:31)
  49. Tripswitch – Box Fresh (Emi Galvan Remix) (09:01)

Total Playtime: 06:21:33 min

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