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Download DJ Charts: Music Legends_ John Digweed

CHART: Music Legends_ John Digweed
ARTIST(S): Agoria, Scalde, Andreas Henneberg, Atlas, Banco de Gaia, Bedrock, Bog, Booka Shade, Buraki, C12, Jole’, Christian Nielsen, Collective States, Darren Emerson, Deepsky, Fur Coat, Guy J, Hot Since 82, Ilario Alicante, Jondi & Spesh, Joy Wellboy, Kevin Yost, Lee Van Dowski, Lopezhoüse, Maceo Plex, Swayzak, Marco Bailey & Tom Hades, Marco Resmann, Marvin & Guy, Matthias Meyer, Ryan Davis, Max Cooper, Nathan Fake, Nick Muir, John Digweed, OC & Verde, Paneoh, Patrick Siech, Sebastian Mullaert, Pig&Dan, Pole Folder & CP, Rampa, Red Axes, Minh Duong, Sian, Sollscher Und Siech, Tale Of Us, Ovend, The Chemical Brothers, Tim Engelhardt, Universal Principles

  1. Bedrock – Beautiful Strange (06:14)
  2. Pole Folder & CP – Dust (James Zabiela Remix) (07:37)
  3. Agoria, Scalde – Singing (Dixon Dub) (09:40)
  4. Max Cooper – Supine (Rodriguez Jr Remix) (07:09)
  5. Joy Wellboy – Before the Sunrise (Dixon Remix) (08:30)
  6. Rampa – Potty (Original Mix) (09:26)
  7. Paneoh – Punto Des Control (07:03)
  8. Bog – Rewired (07:40)
  9. Marco Resmann – More Or Less (Original Mix) (05:47)
  10. John Digweed, Nick Muir – Gridlock (10:36)
  11. Tim Engelhardt – Best Night In Cologne (Original Mix) (08:13)
  12. Kevin Yost – More (07:31)
  13. Guy J – Fixation (09:28)
  14. Fur Coat – There’s No Time (Original Mix) (09:04)
  15. Tale Of Us, Ovend – Red Sky (06:48)
  16. Patrick Siech, Sebastian Mullaert – Rivers Will Turn (10:54)
  17. Lopezhoüse – Motorik (Original Mix) (11:22)
  18. Booka Shade – In White Rooms (Hunter/Game Remix) (07:09)
  19. Marvin & Guy – Arpadia (08:18)
  20. Kevin Yost – Dancer Dancer (07:11)
  21. Hot Since 82 – Evolve or Die (08:08)
  22. Pig&Dan – Sofia (08:08)
  23. Nick Muir – Mirror Walk (08:29)
  24. Maceo Plex, Swayzak – 5th Dimensional Groove (07:00)
  25. Darren Emerson, John Digweed, Nick Muir – Tracer (Reude Hagelstein Remix) (08:51)
  26. Nick Muir, John Digweed – Raise (Electric Rescue Remix) (08:59)
  27. Christian Nielsen – Black Ceiling (Original Mix) (05:50)
  28. C12, Jole’ – Judy (Hooked On Coke) (Tunnel Line) (07:51)
  29. Atlas – Compass Error (Tarantella Vs. Redanka Version) (10:51)
  30. Deepsky – Stargazer (original mix) (09:06)
  31. Banco de Gaia – Heliopolis (Eedupolis Dog Mix) (08:45)
  32. Bedrock – Heaven Scent (Original Mix) (10:30)
  33. Jondi & Spesh – We Are Connected (Active Love) (08:34)
  34. Ilario Alicante – Luce (07:18)
  35. Collective States – Planet Mongo (Alan Fitzpatrick Remix) (06:01)
  36. Universal Principles – Flyin’ High (Scuba’s Illicit Surveillance Mix) (06:28)
  37. Lee Van Dowski – Rapidplatz (Original Mix) (06:40)
  38. Sian – Medicine Man (Mark Reeve Remix) (06:21)
  39. Andreas Henneberg – Waters (Pierce Remix) (07:32)
  40. Sollscher Und Siech – Pulse Train (05:47)
  41. Matthias Meyer, Ryan Davis, Matthias Meyer, Ryan Davis – Hope (John Digweed & Nick Muir Remix) (07:35)
  42. OC & Verde – Maasai (07:52)
  43. Red Axes, Minh Duong – Phu Quok (06:12)
  44. Buraki – Cordoba (Into the Light Mix) (07:11)
  45. Nathan Fake – The Sky Was Pink (Holden Remix) (09:31)
  46. Marco Bailey & Tom Hades – Stars & Shines (10:41)
  47. Booka Shade – Numbers (03:27)
  48. Guy J – Fantasy Reality (07:14)
  49. The Chemical Brothers – Got To Keep On (05:17)

Total Playtime: 06:27:49 min

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