Beatport In The Remix 2021 Tech House September 2021

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Download DJ Charts: Beatport In The Remix 2021 Tech House September 2021

CHART: Beatport In The Remix 2021 Tech House September 2021
ARTIST(S): Aldo Cadiz, Andrè Butano, AleVtina, Alonso Bierg, Alvaro Lopez, Ammo Avenue, Anthony Attalla, B. Riley, Band&dos, Akeos, Basement Jaxx, Ben Read, Thando (UK), Bodyrox, Brenlla, Carlo Lio, Nathan Barato, Cosmin Horatiu, Cristhian Balcazar, Cropper, Dario (DE), David Guetta, Raye, Joel Corry, Deeper Purpose, Saffron Stone, Demuir, André Salmon, Diego Lima, James Hopkins, Diplo, Damian Lazarus, Jungle, DNCN, Freddy Be, Savi Leon, DONT BLINK, Dunmore Brothers, Ayaba Poetic, Eldon UK, Format:B, Pleasurekraft, Novodisc, Francesco Parente, Funk Butcher, EDUKE, Gene Farris, Gorgon City, Jack Whitworth, Joshwa (UK), George Mensah, Julian Collazos, Lauhaus, Lee Foss, Franky Wah, Lisa Lashes, Sam Divine, Louie Vega, The Martinez Brothers, Marc E. Bassy, Manny Martey, Manuel De La Mare, Marcellus (UK), Marco Berto, Marco Tropeano, Martin Ikin, Hayley May, Miguel Lobo, Cristian Merino, Shyam P, Mihalis Safras, Mike Morrisey, Taylor Crane, Montel, Mooner Gl, Nacho Scoppa, New Stereo, Nicky Night Time, Niels Feijen, Nile Rodgers, Josh Barry, Wh0, Niteplan, Otm Shank, Piem, Piero Pirupa, Ren Phillips, YINGYANG (UK), Ronnie Spiteri, Rumpus, Kid Enigma, Sable Sheep, Sllash & Doppe, Sofi Tukker, Sonny Fodera, Dom Dolla, Stefano Kosa, Steve Hope, Danny (AT), Tapesh, Ricardo Espino, Technotronic, NightFunk, The Deepshakerz, rion s, Tinie Tempah, Torren Foot, L Devine, Uch, Ukka, VLTRA (IT), Yaya, Yolanda Be Cool, Omar, Yungness & Jaminn

  1. Aldo Cadiz, Andrè Butano – Tzu-Mani (Paco Osuna & Fer BR Remix) (07:08)
  2. AleVtina – Speak to Me (Miguel Bastida Remix) (06:25)
  3. Alonso Bierg – Rapper’s Break (Juan AR ,Marko Zalazar Remix) (07:14)
  4. Alvaro Lopez – Kisses (Adrian Mart Remix) (06:48)
  5. Ammo Avenue – Special (Aguilar Italy Remix Extended Mix) (06:07)
  6. Anthony Attalla – 112 (Max Styler Remix) (06:45)
  7. B. Riley – Hot Shit (Alexi Delano Remix) (06:55)
  8. Band&dos, Akeos, Band&dos, Akeos – Happy Dream (Gruuve Remix) (07:04)
  9. Basement Jaxx – Romeo (Wh0 Extended Festival Remix) (05:46)
  10. Ben Read, Thando (UK) – Loco ft. Thando (Volkoder Remix) (07:07)
  11. Bodyrox, Wh0 – Yeah Yeah (Wh0’s Thumping Extended Remix) (04:08)
  12. Brenlla – Stop Rules (Swylled Remix) (06:40)
  13. Carlo Lio, Nathan Barato – Mainframe (Dub Tiger Remix) (07:06)
  14. Cosmin Horatiu – Yeyo (GruuvElement’s Extended Dub Mix) (07:12)
  15. Cristhian Balcazar – Feel It (The Deepshakerz Remix) (04:57)
  16. Cropper – Straight Wylin’ (DONT BLINK Extended Remix) (05:26)
  17. Dario (DE) – Uh Yeah (Raumakustik Remix) (06:17)
  18. David Guetta, Raye, Joel Corry – BED (WADE Extended Remix) (05:21)
  19. Deeper Purpose, Saffron Stone – All Over Again (Deeper Purpose Extended Remix) (06:20)
  20. Demuir – AhhHurrrWeGoAgain (wAFF Remix) (07:34)
  21. Demuir, André Salmon – Women Were Born To Luv (Carlo Lio & Valentino CA Remix) (06:00)
  22. Diego Lima, James Hopkins – Pressure (Carlo Lio, Carabetta Remix) (06:29)
  23. Diplo, Damian Lazarus, Jungle – Don’t Be Afraid (Torren Foot Remix (Extended)) (05:51)
  24. DNCN, Freddy Be, Savi Leon – Tihkal (Dilby Remix) (07:06)
  25. Dom Dolla – Pump the Brakes (Catz ‘n Dogz Extended Remix) (05:21)
  26. DONT BLINK – CUT THE BEAT (DJ Susan Extended Remix) (05:00)
  27. Dunmore Brothers, Ayaba Poetic – Step Closer (Jansons Extended Remix) (05:15)
  28. Eldon UK – Booty Shaker (DJ Deeon Rework) (08:23)
  29. Format:B, Pleasurekraft, Novodisc – Coltrane (Novodisc Remix) (06:45)
  30. Francesco Parente – Dirty Sheep (Mendo Extended Remix) (06:16)
  31. Funk Butcher, EDUKE – Emergency (EDUKE Remix) (06:16)
  32. Gene Farris, Sonny Fodera – We Work It (PAX Remix) (06:13)
  33. Gorgon City, Hayley May – Never Let Me Down (Josh Hunter Extended Mix) (05:12)
  34. Jack Whitworth – Whatcha Want (Lost On Mars Remix) (06:14)
  35. Joshwa (UK), George Mensah – Can’t Sleep (Joshwa Extended Remix) (05:34)
  36. Julian Collazos – Way To Dance (Jaime Soeiro Extended Remix) (06:02)
  37. Lauhaus – Taste Buds (Ray Okpara Remix) (07:42)
  38. Lee Foss, Franky Wah – Name of Love Feat. SPNCR (Torren Foot Extended Remix) (05:52)
  39. Lisa Lashes, Sam Divine – Lookin’ Good (Sam Divine Remix) (06:01)
  40. Louie Vega, The Martinez Brothers, Marc E. Bassy – Let It Go (with Marc E. Bassy) (Dom Dolla Extended Remix) (06:12)
  41. Manny Martey – Things Ya Do (Rone White, Rowen Clark Extended Remix) (06:56)
  42. Manuel De La Mare – Evil (Knober Remix) (06:24)
  43. Marcellus (UK) – Peaches (Tomi&Kesh Remix) (06:44)
  44. Marco Berto – The Way (Stephan BazBaz Remix) (07:19)
  45. Marco Tropeano – Fade (Jamie Fielding Remix) (06:42)
  46. Martin Ikin, Hayley May – How I Feel (Biscits Extended Mix) (05:57)
  47. Miguel Lobo – Bounce 2 Me (Antss Remix) (05:54)
  48. Miguel Lobo, Cristian Merino, Shyam P – Twisted Soul (Denney’s West Coat Revival Extended Mix) (06:08)
  49. Mihalis Safras, Piem – Love Away (Piem Remix) (06:41)
  50. Mike Morrisey, Taylor Crane – Part Dos (Francesco Squillante Remix) (07:05)
  51. Montel – Hear Me (Philip Bader Remix) (07:55)
  52. Mooner Gl – Guan Yu (Manda Moor Remix) (05:55)
  53. Nacho Scoppa – Killing Time (Alessio Bianchi Remix) (06:45)
  54. New Stereo – Balboa (Will Taylor UK Remix) (06:01)
  55. Nicky Night Time – Like I Don’t Exist (NightFunk Extended Remix) (05:58)
  56. Niels Feijen – Sobre El Mar (Terry Francis Remix) (06:50)
  57. Nile Rodgers, Josh Barry, Wh0 – Better Day (Forbid Extended Remix) (05:48)
  58. Niteplan – No Time (Ben Cheel Remix) (05:58)
  59. Otm Shank – Biryani (Jey Kurmis Remix) (06:50)
  60. Piem – King of My Castle (Micha Moor Re-Rub) (03:36)
  61. Piero Pirupa – Everybody’s Free (To Feel Good) (Deeper Purpose Extended Remix) (06:07)
  62. Ren Phillips, YINGYANG (UK) – Raver (Love & Logic Remix) (06:52)
  63. Ronnie Spiteri – All I Need (Josh Butler Remix) (06:17)
  64. Rumpus, Kid Enigma – I Get Down With Aliens (PEACE MAKER! Extended Remix) (03:37)
  65. Sable Sheep – Upon Burning Skies (Miane Remix) (05:37)
  66. Sllash & Doppe – Make It Better (Rene Amesz Extended Remix) (06:47)
  67. Sofi Tukker – Drinkee (Vintage Culture & John Summit Extended Mix) (05:29)
  68. Sonny Fodera, Dom Dolla – Moving Blind (Gorgon City Extended Remix) (05:42)
  69. Stefano Kosa – Tigghy (Alvaro Smart Extended Remix) (06:15)
  70. Steve Hope, Danny (AT) – Dazz (Claudia Tejeda Extended Remix) (05:40)
  71. Tapesh, Ricardo Espino – Dance Loud (Ummett Remix) (06:02)
  72. Technotronic, NightFunk – Pump Up The Jam (NightFunk Remix) (06:05)
  73. The Deepshakerz, rion s – Burning (KC Lights Remix) (06:04)
  74. Tinie Tempah, Torren Foot, L Devine – More Life (feat. Tinie Tempah & L Devine) (John Summit Extended Remix) (05:27)
  75. Uch – Genius Of House (Sam Divine Remix) (06:53)
  76. Ukka – All the Same (Dennis Cruz Remix) (07:50)
  77. VLTRA (IT) – 905 (Alvaro Smart Remix) (06:37)
  78. Yaya – Ebi Awon (Alex Dam & Zambiancki Remix) (07:51)
  79. Yolanda Be Cool, Omar – To Be Alone ft. Omar (Dillon Nathaniel Remix) (06:31)
  80. Yungness & Jaminn – WTH (Ricardo Espino Extended Remix) (06:25)

Total Playtime: 08:23:38 min

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